The Rolling Stones

arton30.png I got involved in this project at Studio Davout in Paris, where the various takes of the selected songs were carefully listened to in order to make the final selection for the album.
Album « No security », Virgin, 1998

Milla Jovovich

arton28.png A very beautiful and personal debut album from Milla, before she got famous under her full name, Milla Jovovich.
Album « Divine comedy », EMI, 1994

Laurent Voulzy

arton31.png My first major credit. I mixed 6 of the 10 songs of this album with Jean Marc Hauser who did most of the recording over two years. There was an incredible amount of information on the tapes and each point of the patchbay was used somehow ! Some time may pass before I get to face a so technically complex situation, and we wouldn’t have lived through without Laurent’s amazing vitality and generosity.
Album « Caché derrière », Sony/BMG, 1992


arton27.png My very first job in Paris ! This very ambitious project unfortunately didn’t get all the attention it deserves, despite the efforts of Carlos Santana to promote it in the States.
Album « Black Boards », Comotion, 1991